Taxila provides a one-stop shop for trainers and trainees to discover training, learning and teaching materials, trainers and events on Research Data Management, Research Software Management, Open Science and related fields like High Performance Computing. It provides an overview of content offered by various training providers, research performing institutions, or training institutes.




Events in Taxila include online and in person training opportunities, these may take the form of workshops, courses, webinars, conferences and hackathons.

Taxila collects event information from 16 content providers, supplementing the data with geolocation information found using Nominatim.

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Check out online tutorials, videos, PowerPoint presentations, reading materials. and more.

Taxila collects materials from 0 content providers.

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To access Taxila data, organisations may readily import information about relevant events and materials to their site using widgets, or may create custom feeds using our API.

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