Date: 5 October 2023 @ 19:30 - 21:00

Timezone: Amsterdam

The wildest stories are circulating about AI: smart computers are said to be taking a quarter of our jobs and there is speculation about 'self-aware' AI. Experts - including Elon Musk - are calling for six months of reflection. How useful is that? Haroon Sheikh debunks hypes and sci-fi scenarios and discusses how we can meaningfully integrate AI into our lives. What opportunities does this technology offer and what can be threatening? Prof Haroon Sheikh is a philosopher, writer and associate professor of Strategic Governance of Global Technologies (VU). He collaborated on Opgave AI for the Netherlands Scientific Council for Government Policy. In collaboration with Inter-Actief, Ideefiks and KIVI Students Twente. This lecture is in Dutch, click here for more information.

Keywords: Lectures, Studium Generale

Venue: Waaier, 2

Organizer: University of Twente

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